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    pointer as function argument

    Hi, its been a long time since I've done any C, and I've forgotten how to use a pointer in a function declaration. For example I want to declare a function with two arguments, an integer, and a pointer to an integer. The pointer will be the address of the first element of an integer array, and within the function I want to parse through the array using pointer arithmetic, but I can't remember the syntax, and everything I try won't compile.

    an example of the kinda thing I want to do:

    void function(int *array_ptr, int x){
        ans = (array_ptr+i) * 3.14;  //none of these compile
        ans = *(array_ptr+i) * 3.14;
        ans = &(array_ptr+i) * 3.14;
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    These are correct:
    ans = *(array_ptr+i) * 3.14;
    ans = array_ptr[i] * 3.14;
    However, if they don't work, you need to specify the compile errors.
    You should note that neither ans nor i are declared in the function.
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