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    I'm not able to tell, frankly. My program would need some adjusting to handle creating 1000 files, since that exceeds the range of a char, that it uses for creating it's file names.

    If the data would have to be accessed via a CD drive, I'd see that as a big slow-down. Same with slow network drives, if you have them.

    I guess I'd vote for programming it dynamically. Especially if you go to a distributed computer project. Sounds like a deal breaker to ask people to take on 1,000 data files, unless absolutely essential.

    Just watched a video on U-Tube showing how this hack is done using Aircrack. I know the video was edited to save time, but wow - that looked very quick.

    Everyone with a wireless network and relying on WAP password for their security, should take a look and see what alternatives there are for better security on their Wifi setup.
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