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    convert int to char

    i've got to integers, lets say 0 and 6, which i want to copy into an character array. how do i do this?

    char copied[3];
    //copied[0] should be 0
    //copied[1] should be 6
    //copied[2] should be '/0' - the terminating character.

    any suggestions?


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    Well, a character is little more than an integer with a smaller range. The following will work:
    copied[0] = 0;
    copied[1] = 6;
    copied[3] = 0;
    Note that '\0' and 0 are the same value. This may cause problems for you with copied[0]. If you want the ASCII characters zero and six (and not the numeric values zero and six), try:
    copied[0] = '0';
    copied[1] = '6';
    copied[3] = 0; /* same as '\0' */
    Jason Deckard

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    I also have the feeling I've misunderstood your question. If you want to take numeric values and put their ASCII equivalent in a string, look into sprintf().
    sprintf( my_string, "The number is %d\n", my_number );
    Jason Deckard

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