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Thanks for the replays

That is my problem with the books, small code, usually without example of"real life" example usage.
I don't have anything against books( besides their price ) and I don't say that this way i can't learn it, but it takes much more time for me.
I also read a few books, and I know how the c language works, it's syntax, keywords, basic functions, pointers,etc.
I want to learn how to make a full screen , user customizable GUI, how can my program communicate with midi devices, and how can i write anything related to audio signals, as much OS independent as it can be.
You know, if I could *just* find a good recipe for oatmeal pecan cookies, my problem would be totally solved. And yet, all I ever find are these so-called "basic" recipes. How unhelpful! The racks are cold and the flour is going stale...if someone would just be so kind as to send that recipe along, I'd be keenly grateful - really! Oh, and a quick question about packaging - which is better: wax or plastic?