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    Surface fitting using NR function svdfit ( )


    I want to fit a surface i.e. W(x,y) using svdfit() provided by "Numerical Recipes in C".

    svdfit() is written for curve fitting and not for surface fitting. But one can use svdfit(), as claimed by authors of NR book, to do surface fitting. On page 680 of NR book, authors have given a hint on how to use svdfit() for fitting a surface. But I have not understood it.

    This link may be helpful (Chapter 15 th is relevant here.):

    This is my problem:

    I have a set of 100 numbers. I want to fit a 2-Dimensional function W(x,y) to these numbers.
    i.e. in other words, I have following 2 data columns:
       W(x1, y1)       (x1, y1)
       W(x2, y2)       (x2, y2)
       W(x3, y3)       (x3, y3)
          :               :
          :               :
       W(x100, y100)   (x100, y100)
    Any help will be appreciated.

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