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    Segmentation fault

    Hi all,

    I've got a segmentation fault occurring that I don't understand, and I'd appreciate your help. First, the relevant structure

    typedef struct node
    	//sequence for this node
    	amino_acid_list *sequence;
    	// not currently used- in case sequence length changes
    	int sequence_length;
    	// distance (in amino acid substitutions) 
    	int mutation_distance_from_parent;
    	int mutation_distance_to_left;
    	int mutation_distance_to_right;
    	// distance (absolute? not yet used)
    	int distance_from_parent;
    	int distance_to_left;
    	int distance_to_right;
    	// depth of this node
    	int depth;
    	// debugging
    	long int data;
    	// pointers
    	struct node *parent_ptr;
    	struct node *left_ptr;
    	struct node *right_ptr;
    } node
    Here is the function definition
    node *build_tree_with_constraints(node *n, node* nprev, int depth, int maxdepth, amino_acid_list *parent_sequence, int sequence_length, float ........r, float **tpm, int dist, float random_param_one, float random_param_two, int burnin, incompatability_matrix **icm, int num_amino_acids, int type, int *num_mutations);
    And here is the offending piece of code within the function build_tree_with_constraints
    			n->left_ptr= build_tree_with_constraints(n->left_ptr, n, n->depth+1, maxdepth, n->sequence, sequence_length, ssr, tpm, dist, random_param_one, random_param_two, burnin, icm, num_amino_acids, type, num_mutations);
                            // make sure that we get the correct output here
    			printf("LEFT- number of mutations is %d\n", *num_mutations);
    			// set the distance to the left offspring node
    			n->mutation_distance_to_left= *num_mutations;
    			n->left_ptr->mutation_distance_from_parent= *num_mutations;
    Here is the output

    number of mutations is 48
    LEFT- number of mutations is 48
    Segmentation fault
    I don't understand why
    n->mutation_distance_to_left= *num_mutations;
    works, but
    n->left_ptr->mutation_distance_from_parent= *num_mutations;
    Doesn't. I've also tried

    (n->left_ptr)->mutation_distance_from_parent= *num_mutations;
    But that doesn't help either. So obviously I'm missing something fairly basic, but I don't know what it is.

    Thanks a lot,

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    Run the code in a debugger. When the segfault occurs the debugger will stop. Investigate the state of the program at the point of the failure.

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    Try this:
    RMS's gdb Tutorial

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