Thread: program will not run when using simple division...:(

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    program will not run when using simple division...:(

    Not sure what I'm doing wrong. Please help me debug this. Using C. Ch compiler.

    #include <stdio.h>			/* standard IO library routines, like printf, scanf */
    int main(void)
        char length_unit[30];
        float conversion_factor, equal_distance, newmiles;
        printf("Enter the name of the length unit you want to convert to> ");
        scanf("%s", &length_unit);
        printf("You entered: %s\n", length_unit);
        printf("Enter the conversion factor> ");
        scanf("%f", &conversion_factor);
        printf("You entered a converison factor of %.4f%s/mile\n", conversion_factor, length_unit);
        printf("Enter the distance in miles > ");
        scanf("%f", &newmiles);
        printf("You entered: %.4f miles \n", newmiles);
        equal_distance = coversion_factor / newmiles;
        printf("The equivalent distance is %f\n", equal_distance);
        return 0;		

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    equal_distance = coversion_factor / newmiles;
    Spelling of conversion_factor mismatch with it declaration!

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