Thread: Problem in Reading values from structure

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    Problem in Reading values from structure

    Hi all

    I have written the code for writing values to structure and then reading from it but I am facing some problem in that.

    1) When I try to read the values from stdin, it read first value correctly but for second loop it directly ask for "age" input skipping "name".

    First Loop:

    Enter Name:ABC

    Enter Age:12

    //Second Loop:

    Enter Name:
    Enter Age: / / Directly come here. Don't know why
    2) Secondly, I am writing the code to add values in a structure by increasing the size of structure
    For example,

    In first loop, value stored from 1 to 100 and in second loop value should store from 101 to 200.
    and at the end I assign the base address of structure to a pointer.

    ABC 12 XYZ 14
    The code is as follow:

    static int count = 0;
    struct test
       int age;
       char name[1000];
    void writeToStruct(struct test **ptr)
       int i,size_struct=0,len = 0;
       struct test *p = NULL;
       struct test *q = NULL;
       struct test *t = NULL;
       char name[1000];
       if ( count != 2 )
         size_struct = sizeof(test)*(++count);
         len = sizeof(test);
         p = (struct test *)malloc( sizeof(size_struct));
         t = (struct test *)malloc( sizeof(len));
         printf("\n Enter Name:");
         printf("\n Enter Age:");
         t->age = i;
         *ptr = p;
    void readFromStruct(struct test **ptr)
       int i =0;
       for ( i =0;i<2; i++)
        printf("\n %s %d\n",(*ptr)->name,(*ptr)->age);
    int main()
      test *t=NULL;
      int i = 0;
      for ( i =0;i<2; i++)

    I am getting segmentation fault.
    Any help is will be greatly appreciated.


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    Solved problem 1.

    but need help in second one.


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    You have far too many (and plain wrong) sizeof expressions.

    It is simply
    p = malloc( sizeof(*p) );

    If you're adding ANY extra characters to that line, then you're doing it wrong.

    In particular, attempting to cast the result of malloc. FAQ > Casting malloc
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