Thread: how here j is printing 7.give the explanation

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    how here j is printing 7.give the explanation

    int i = 3,j;
    j = add(++i);
    printf("i = %d j = %d\n", i, j);
    int ii;
    printf("ii = %d\n", ii);

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    No cookie for you until you tell us where you got this from and why you want to know the answer when you have not made any effort to figure it out yourself.

    If you are getting this from some book, then throw the book away (or return it to the library). If you are getting this from some website, then close any browser windows/tabs that has that website opened, remove it from your bookmarks, and clear your history and cache. Then forget about that website. If you wrote the program yourself... you need to unlearn what you have learned.
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    i suggest that if you are using a book/Internet, take a paper and write down the code...then slowly line after line you should be able to understand is boring...but it is a method!

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    THAT code is old!

    add(ii)int ii;

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    what is the program output please explain
    Continuing with the homework dump and 0% effort I see.

    Soon, I will lock them on sight.
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