Thread: Need help, Asking user for the name of the input file? is it possible?

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    Need help, Asking user for the name of the input file and using it? possible?

    I am working on my first programming assignment, its more of a practice assignment.

    I have been trying for a while now and I cannot figure out how I would be able to use the name of the input file given by the user to OPEN and .txt file and read in data.

    Essentially, I need to ask "Please enter the name of the input file."
    User enters: "lottery.txt"

    and my program is suppose to use that information given by the user to FOPEN that exact .txt file....

    Can someone please give me some hints or advice as to how to go about solving this problem?

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    you will find the answer in file io in c on the -how do i?- sections on the homepage, also you will learn how to collect string input. i cant post code at moment, am using phone
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    char filename[50]={"\0"};
    char buffer[100];
    FILE *fp;
    fgets(filename, sizeof(filename), stdin);
      filename[strlen(filename)-1]= '\0';  //remove the newline char
    fp=fopen(filename, "rt");
    if(fp==NULL) {
      printf("\n Error opening %s", filename);
      return 1;
    while((fgets(buffer, sizeof(buffer), fp)) != NULL) {
      //do something with buffer which has one row of text
      //do something else maybe
    I haven't run the above, but it will be quite close. You'll need to include both stdio.h and string.h.

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