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    Have just installed codeblocks. It says debugger executable is not set when i go for debug the program.

    It ask to visit tool-chain executable to set debugger. I tried but not able to process further.

    How can i do it?? Plz help me out..


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    Perhaps would be of assistance.

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    For some reason Code::Blocks doesn't come with gdb (at least the old version didn't, and since this problem still pops up I'm guessing the new version doesn't either...). So, here goes:

    1) Download MinGW - GDB
    2) Extract it somewhere. If you can find the Codeblocks GCC files that would be a good place to put it.
    3) Select gdb.exe from your extracted files as the debugger executable.

    Or better yet:
    1) Download the whole MinGW package
    2) Enjoy your new GNU development environment [like using Makefiles and such]
    3) Also, select the new executables for the Codeblocks toolchain
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