Thread: Setting up SDL for C

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    Setting up SDL for C

    Now I'm not sure if this is the right section,but I'll post this here.I've got the DevC++ IDE,and I'd like to set up the SDL graphics library with it,but on all the tutorials I saw on the net they only showed how to set it up for C++,and I actually spent a lot of time figuring out that was the problem,while intending to set it up for C in the first place.

    So can any of you guys help me?

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    i only ever wrote in c++ with sdl i think but i dont think there should be a problem with c code, but then i have been imbibing fizzy lifting juice most of day so i cant remember well, the problems with sdl setup are usually linking, ide or OS specific, not c or c++. so what exactly are problems you having? also download codeblocks or similar, not dev cpp
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