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    Mass find & replace

    Hi. I'm just starting with C, I've done quite a bit of programming in some other languages. I find it easy for myself to learn by example, and what better example than a utility I need?

    Basically, I have thousands of files inside hundreds of folders. I want a program to go through those files, and inside each, there may be multiple instances of things like:

    example asdf
    attribute1 sdff
    attribute2 12
    attribute3 test
    I need it to search through each of those instances, and find a specified attribute, and change the value. However, there are also rules for other attributes. Example:

    Whenever attribute 2 is equal to 12, make attribute 3 equal "test2".


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    So what do you want an example of string searching or directory searching? Also what have you attempted thus far?

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    Sounds like a job for Perl

    Otherwise, not too hard in C but a bit cumbersome. I would suggest getting the parsing of the files down pat (i.e. for one file at a time), then look at the FAQ which gives examples of a "directory walker".

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    Thanks, but I've just realized that, since I'm a bit low on time, I should probably just stick with a language I'm familiar with. Perhaps I'll try C (and perl) some other time.

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