Thread: create UDP "listener" with pthread

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    create UDP "listener" with pthread

    i'm trying to write a UDP client for a basic "chat" service, basically i want the client to receive and print messages sent to it from the server, however still allow the user to enter text and send messages to other "rooms'. i create a thread with pthread_create() and i can receive one message but it seems as though the thread never returns. heres a simplified main()

    int main(int argc, char* argv[])
    	 *server setup and client initialisation
    	pthread_create(&thrid, 0, receiveThread, &server);
    	while(1) {
    		if(typeFlag) {
    			printf("Enter text: ");
    			fgets(buf, MSG_SIZE, stdin);
    			//typeFlag = 0;
    		 *do a bunch of stuff based on incoming messages
    	pthread_join(thrid, NULL);
        return 0;
    and the "listener" thread, basically receives and prints incoming messages
    void* receiveThread(void* arg)
    	char buf[MSG_SIZE];
    	Server* server = (Server*)arg;
    	receiveMessage(server, buf);
    	printf("buf: %s", buf);
    	return NULL;
    so basically i want the thread to print the mesage and return and go back to the fgets() so user can input more commands etc, but still "automatically" print any mesage which comes to it. but currently it stops after the printf("buf") and receives no more messages until i press return. so if anyone could give me any pointers how i can acheive what i've (attempted) to describe it would be most appreciated,

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    Perhaps you created a detached thread?

    You need to make sure you have a JOINABLE thread. Perhaps use the attribute when you create it.
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