Thread: using memcpy?

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    using memcpy?

    hi, everyone!
    i've tried using asking for help about using strtok but i wasn't able to get an answer. i will now try to use memcpy..

    but you can still help me with using strtok:
    compare pointer and integer?

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    You should have
    memcpy(array + loop, cmd_str + i , j);
    since array[loop] is not a pointer, it is the value of the actual element, thus *(array+loop)

    Haven't checked if the logic is correct

    But do not use memcpy for this.

    I am sure you will get a lot "don't use gets()" comments so just go ahead and change it to fgets(). See the forums FAQ or google fgets().

    But in any case, I will show you how to use strtok(). You use it always similar (passing the string on the first call and NULL on the second) usually:
    char* tok;
    tok = strtok(cmd_str, " "); //you pass your string and the delimiter, which is space for u
    while(tok != NULL)
        printf("%s\n", tok);       //you print your token, one every line
        tok = strtok(NULL, " "); //you pass NULL now to continue on the rest of the string!
    this is the example used here. It is the basic use.

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