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    Mapping Points/Vectors

    I am tyring to map the location of a POINT from its postion in a source RECTto a new realitve postion in a destination RECT of another size and /or position.

    Nothing I have tried even comes close. Does anynone know a simple mapping alogrithim?


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    I am appending my post with my most recent try. Seems to work if the source rect is greater than the destination rect, but not in any other case:

    void MapPt(POINT *pt,RECT src,RECT dst)
    float w1 = src.right - src.left,
    h1 = src.bottom -,
    w2 = dst.right - dst.left,
    h2 = dst.bottom -,
    x = pt->x,
    y = pt->y,

    //the ratios
    xr = w2/w1;
    yr = h2/h1;

    //scale the point
    x = x*xr;
    y = y*yr;

    //Zeroed pos
    xx = ((dst.left - src.left)*xr) + x;
    yy = (( -*yr) + y;

    pt->x = xx + dst.left;
    pt->y = yy +;

    Are there any suggestions?


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