Thread: Reading in Highlighted Text by Mouse

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    Reading in Highlighted Text by Mouse

    I've got a program that I've been intending to do for some time now. It's suppose to read some text that I've highlighted (like the copy command or ctrl-v but without having to do anything aside from highlighting the text) and automatically paste it on some field on an internet web page. I think you guys know what I'm trying to do here. I just want to copy-paste and copy-paste some more in the least time possible (it's a job thing) . I know C well enough. I only need to know how to read in highlighted text.

    'appreciate anybody's help.
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    1. Use WinAPI to capture mouse events like mouse down and mouse up.
    2. Measure the time between these events.
    3. If it is long enough, you can call on the clipboard with something like SendKeys("^c");
    4. Check the clipboard and grab whatever's there. You can do with the data what you want at that point.

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    does sendkey work in C? or do I have to use VB instead? i would prefer to use C.

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