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    Question Structure Records (Beginner)

    I want to be able to determine how many records are in a structure already.

    struct carrecords
    char make[50];
    char model[50];
    char yearreg[10];
    char regmark[10];
    char mileage[10];
    char price[10];


    How do I determine how many of record[] I've added already?



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    You have an array of structures. Initialize the array with NULL-pointers and add structures. If a structure will be deleted, then make this a NULL pointer. In that way you can just count the pointers not pointing to NULL.

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    Or you could make a sentinel value that is flagged true if the record is filled, false if it isn't. This is a little bit easier than fooling around with NULL pointers.
    struct Record
      int isFilled :1;
      int data;
    } static rec[SIZE];
    /* To flag true */
    rec[0].isFilled = 1;
    /* To check all records */
    for ( i = 0; i < SIZE; i++ )
      if ( rec[i].isFilled & 1 ) flag++;
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