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    queue insertions

    I have a queue of 10 elements. I want to insert only new values that are not in the list, then delete head to allow for new value. Does anyone have an effective method to test all values of a queue to see if new vaslue exists or not. Any help is gratly appreciated. e

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    If you could search through it to pick and choose then it wouldn't really be a queue would it? But since you asked you can simply traverse like a linked list, though that will defeat the entire purpose so why not just use a binary tree which restricts multiple nodes with the same value?

    My best code is written with the delete key.

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    I am working on a school assignment and am having difficulty. The assignment calls for you to use a queue, so I have no choice. If you could help me through this one segment I can complete this project. This is my code: I need a way to compare each new element to the entire list of 10 elements. If it already exists I will increase array counter and test next value.

    /* queue.c */
    /* Demo of dynamic data structures in
    C */

    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <stdlib.h>

    #define FALSE 0
    #define NULL 0

    typedef struct {
    int dataitem;
    struct listelement *link;
    } listelement;

    listelement * AddItem (listelement * listpointer, int
    listelement * RemoveItem (listelement * listpointer);
    void PrintQueue (listelement * listpointer);
    void ClearQueue (listelement * listpointer);

    main () {
    listelement listmember, *listpointer;
    int data, ct;

    int d, r, x, y, count, framect, z;
    int i, a, pages[39],frames[9];
    unsigned seed;

    printf("\nThis is the complete ref string\n");
    printf("Enter seed: ");

    scanf("%u", &seed);

    for( y=0;y<40;y++){
    a = (1 + rand() % 20);
    printf("%10d", a);


    listpointer = NULL;
    y = 0;
    { data=pages[y];
    listpointer = AddItem (listpointer, data);

    scanf("%d", &data);
    return 0;
    /* main */

    listelement * AddItem (listelement * listpointer, int
    data) {

    listelement * lp = listpointer;

    if (listpointer != NULL) {
    while (listpointer -> link != NULL)
    listpointer = listpointer -> link;
    listpointer -> link = (struct listelement *) malloc
    (sizeof (listelement));
    listpointer = listpointer -> link;
    listpointer -> link = NULL;
    listpointer -> dataitem = data;
    return lp;
    else {
    listpointer = (struct listelement *) malloc (sizeof
    listpointer -> link = NULL;
    listpointer -> dataitem = data;
    return listpointer;

    listelement * RemoveItem (listelement * listpointer) {

    listelement * tempp;
    printf ("Element removed is %d\n", listpointer ->
    tempp = listpointer -> link;
    free (listpointer);
    return tempp;

    void PrintQueue (listelement * listpointer) {

    if (listpointer == NULL)
    printf ("queue is empty!\n");
    while (listpointer != NULL) {
    printf ("%d\t", listpointer -> dataitem);
    listpointer = listpointer -> link;
    printf ("\n");

    void ClearQueue (listelement * listpointer) {

    while (listpointer != NULL) {
    listpointer = RemoveItem (listpointer);

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    Don't they teach anything about meaningful data names anymore?

    Well if the specs for your assignment don't say anything about creating new prototypes, then you can create a new one that will take in the next element to be added, traverse the list and if it is NOT already in the queue, then go ahead and add it into the queue.

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