Thread: Need a database table - array of structs?

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    Question Need a database table - array of structs?


    I'm super new to C and trying to write my first real program.

    I'm not connecting to an actual DB, I just need a table to hold records during runtime. The user will be adding and deleting records from the table, so I need to be able to change the number of elements in the array (i.e. adding and deleting records).

    I am currently using an array of structs but I don't know how to redefine the array larger (for adding records) or smaller (for deleting records). And in all reality, I don't even know if an array of structs is the right tool for this job.

    Here is how I'm creating the array of structs:

    // define the structure
    struct CueRecord
    	int PrimaryKey;
    	float CueNumber;
     	char CueName[64];
    // declare an array of the structure
    struct CueRecord CueSheet[10];
    Then I am able to access this bad boy with something like:

    // add a record to the cue sheet table 
    int AddCueToCueSheet(int ArrayIndex, int PrimaryKey, float CueNumber, char CueName[64])
    	// this is for testing purposes
    	printf("\nAdding record with array index %d\n", ArrayIndex);
    	// insert a record into table
    	CueSheet[ArrayIndex].PrimaryKey = PrimaryKey;
    	strcpy(CueSheet[ArrayIndex].CueName, CueName);
    	return 0;
    Is there a way to redefine the array from 10 elements to 9... or from 10 to 11 (etc)? Or should I be looking at a different tool for this job?

    I'm not looking for it to be spelled out for me... just looking to be pointed in the right direction. Thanks in advance!
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    malloc/free. But since you're using C, you're in for a tough time. As usual.
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    You mean it's included as a crutch to help ancient programmers limp along without them having to relearn too much.

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    Something like a linked list is probably best suited for this, if you need it to be truly dynamic. In essence you add a pointer to the struct, pointing to the next struct etc. Then add functions to insert, delete new structs and so on.

    Here is a nice introductory paper on linked lists:

    If that feels like too soon, just make the array large enough.
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    Of course, it is perfectly possible in C.
    11.3 Reallocating Memory Blocks

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