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    Hi folks, I'm trying to implement the Miller Rabin Prime Test into C as an exercise and I was hoping you could give me a few pointers where to look for my mistake. The following Code should work if i understood the Algorithm correctly, but it sometimes(pretty often really) tags primes as nonprimes(or did the rules change and 17 isn't a prime anymore?).

    	long int a,a2,r2,n,d,x,k,j,r; //define variables	
    	char input[17];			
    	n = strtol (input,NULL, 10);		//input number, make int from input
    	k = x = n-1;						//split even and odd factors by:
    	while (r == 0 ){x = x/2; r = x%2;;}	//find d by dividing through 2
    	d = x;
    	j = log (k/d) / log(2.0);			//find exponent j from n-1= d* 2^j through log2 n-1/d = log2 of the even factor
    	printf("%ld -1 = %ld * 2^%ld",n,d,j);//show the odd and even factors
    	/* initialize random generator */
    	srand ( time(NULL) );
    	a = rand();	a = a % n;				//make random integer form double rand(), make a €[0,n-1]
    	r = rand();	r = r % j;				//make random integer form double rand(), make r €[0,j-1
    	a2 = pow(a,d);a = a2 % n;			// a^d mod n
    	r2 = pow(a,(d * pow(2,r)));r = r2 % n;//a^d*2^r mod n
    	if (a == 1) {printf("Ist prim");} // is prime
    	else if (r*r == 1) {printf("Ist prim");} //is prime
    	else {printf ("Ist nicht prim");} //isnt prime
    Thanks for your time

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    Your code doesn't actually look like this algorithm

    Miller–Rabin primality test - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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