Thread: Arrays, pointers, trouble..

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    Arrays, pointers, trouble..

    Hi all!

    I am trying to write a Matlab mex-file, and I find the c-coding part a bit challenging. I can get the code below to compile, but it doesn't do what is expected:

    #include <math.h>
    #include "mex.h"
    /*Subroutine to calculate the Fuzzy Sample Entropy*/
    void FSE(double *cop, int M, double r, double c, mwSize N, double *FuzzSampEnt) {
        mwIndex m, i, ii, j, jj, k, l;
        double expo, d, *seg_i, *seg_j, count, sumCim, *Cim, CIM[2];
        expo=(log(log(pow(2, c)))/log(r));    
        for (m=M;m<M+2;m++) {
            seg_i=mxCalloc(m, sizeof(double));
            seg_j=mxCalloc(m, sizeof(double));
            Cim=mxCalloc(N-m, sizeof(double));
            for (i=0; i<N-m; i++) {
                for (ii=0; ii<m; ii++){
                for (j=0; j<N-m; j++) {
                    for (jj=0; jj<m; jj++) {
                    /*Finding the maximum absolut value of seg_i-seg_j*/
                    for (k=0; k<m; k++) {
                        if (d < fabs(seg_i[k]-seg_j[k])) {
                    /*if d=0, self match*/
                    if (d>0) {
                        count+=exp(-(pow(d, expo/c)));
            if (m==M){
            else if (m==M+1){
        *FuzzSampEnt=seg_j[k];//-log(CIM[1]/ CIM[0]);
    /*the gateway function*/
    void mexFunction(int nlhs, mxArray *plhs[ ],
            int nrhs, const mxArray *prhs[ ]) {
        int M;
        double *cop, *FuzzSampEnt;
        double c, r;
        mwSize N;
        if(nrhs!=4) {
            mexErrMsgTxt("Four inputs required (cop,M,r,c).");
        /*Assign pointers*/
        plhs[0] = mxCreateDoubleMatrix(1, 1, mxREAL);
        FuzzSampEnt = mxGetPr(plhs[0]);
        /*Call the subroutine */
        FSE(cop, M, r, c, N, FuzzSampEnt);
    The trouble seems to be here: seg_i[ii]=cop[i+ii]; cop[i+ii] seems to be what it should be, but I can't seem to get it's value to seg_i[ii]. Also I'm not sure if it is necessary to use pointers here at all. I know that seg_i and seg_j are either M or M+1 in length and Cim is either N-M or N-M-1 in length.

    The idea would be to make the code as fast as possible, as fast as possible.. So how would you deal with the seg_i, seg_j and Cim? Can you see what I'm doing wrong in here?

    Thank You!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Aino
    The trouble seems to be here: seg_i[ii]=cop[i+ii]; cop[i+ii] seems to be what it should be, but I can't seem to get it's value to seg_i[ii].
    What exactly do you mean by this?
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    Well, probably the real problem is earlier than in this point, but until this point I get the stuff out what I want. I have changed the ending of the code, the output parameter FuzzSampEnt to see what it gives out at what point (I'm sure there is a better way). So it would seem that for example FuzzSampEnt=expo; or FuzzSampEnt=cop[ii+i]; give out what they are supposed to, but *FuzzSampEnt=seg_i[k], gives out something funny like -9*10^303. The true output, -log(CIM[1]/ CIM[0]), is commented, but using it the function gives out NaN.

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