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    Structures and unions

    I'm trying to define an array of structure type CHAR_INFO with 2000 elements,
    and a union in the same time of an array of 8000 characters.

    CHAR_INFO has already a union inside:
    typedef struct _CHAR_INFO { // chi  
        union {                /* Unicode or ANSI character  */ 
            WCHAR UnicodeChar; 
            CHAR AsciiChar; 
        } Char; 
        WORD Attributes;       // text and background colors 
    I am not able to figure how should I declare the structure with a union to
    have the same area of 8000 bytes usable in both array mode and struct mode.

    If I declare an array of structure type CHAR_INFO:
    CHAR_INFO area_to_write[2000];
    Where do I put the union to use the same area for an array of 8000 characters?

    Thanks for any help you can give me.
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