Thread: C programming sort of student records

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    C programming sort of student records

    So I have to read a file that contains student records in the form:

    lastname, firstname:studentid:score1:score2:score3:score4:sc ore5:grade

    and store them in an array of structures. I then have to print a menu for the user to chose what they want to do with the list of records (i.e. sort or print). Anyways, I am having trouble with my sort algorithm. It only swaps the first letter of each name and I need it to swap the whole record. I do not have to sort by last name and first name, only by the first letter of each name field in the list. Can anyone help?

    void sortListName(STUDENT records[], int count)
       int smallest;
       int tempData;
       int current;
       int walk;
         for (current = 0; current < count; current++)
    	      smallest = current;
              for (walk = current + 1; walk <= count; walk++)
                 if ((strcmp(records[walk].name, records[smallest].name)) < 0)
    		         smallest = walk;
              tempData = *records[current].name;
              *records[current].name = *records[smallest].name;
              *records[smallest].name = tempData;

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    tempdata should be a STUDENT, not an int
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