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    payroll program using structures

    I have a question, on the payroll program which now incorporates structures. I am taking the variables and putting them into structures. I am trying to fix this program it comes as command prompt and asks the hours for each employee after the five employees it doesn't put out the output.

    I get errors like "error C2440: 'function' : cannot convert from 'float' to 'float *'"

    I have a pic of the program and the source code.

    #include <stdio.h>
    #define STD_HOURS 40.0
    #define OT_RATE 1.5
    #define SIZE 5
    float GetHours(int ClockNumber)
    	float Hours;
    	printf("Enter hours worked for clock %06i: ", ClockNumber);
    	scanf("%f", &Hours);
    	return (Hours);
    float CalcOT(float Hours)
        /*  test to see if any overtime was worked  */
    	if (Hours > STD_HOURS)
    		return (Hours - STD_HOURS);
    	else  /*  no overtime was worked  */
    		return (0.0);
    float CalcGross(float Hours, float Wage, float OT)
    	float Gross;
    	/* check for overtime and calculate gross*/
    	if (OT > 0) {
    		Gross = (STD_HOURS * Wage) /* regular pay */
                        + (OT * OT_RATE * Wage);     /* ot pay */
    	} /* if */
    	else  /* not ot */
    		Gross = Wage * Hours;
    	} /* else */
    	return (Gross);
    } /* CalcGrossPay */
    void PrintOutput(int ClockNumber[], float Wage[], float Hours[], float OT[], float Gross[])
    	int i; /* loop index */
    	/*prints series for formatted dashes Horizontally*/
    	printf ("----------------------------------------------------------\n");
    	/*prints the employee's data header*/
    	printf ("\tClock#    Wage      Hours     OT     Gross\n"); 
    	/*Same as the first printf()*/
    	printf ("----------------------------------------------------------\n");
    	for (i = 0; i < SIZE; i++) {
    		printf ( "\t%06li    $%5.2f   %5.1f    %5.1f    $%6.2f\n",ClockNumber[i],Wage[i],Hours[i],OT[i],Gross[i]); /*prints the employee's data according to the given precision*/
        } /* for */
    int main()
    	int i;
    struct employee
      int  ClockNumber;
      float Wage;
      float Hours;
      float OT;
      float Gross;
    	struct employee emps[SIZE] =
    	  {98401, 10.60},
    	  {526488, 9.75},
    	  {765349, 10.5},
    	  {634645, 12.25},
    	  {127615, 8.35}
                                                              /* loop index */
    	printf ("\tThis is a program to calculate gross pay.\n\n"); /*print the string of characters on the screen*/
    	/*prompt for the input values from the screen*/
    	for (i = 0; i < SIZE; i++) {
    		emps[i].Hours = GetHours(emps[i].ClockNumber); 
    		emps[i].OT = CalcOT(emps[i].Hours);
    		emps[i].Gross = CalcGross(emps[i].Hours, emps[i].Wage, emps[i].OT);
    	// the printing would make a nice function as well
    	return 0;
    } /* main */

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    pic is not necessary.
    Just post(copy & paste) compiler error/warning messages(which function,line number important!) and relevant code.

    You have array of struct.

    // expect array of int,float...
    void PrintOutput(int ClockNumber[], float Wage[], float Hours[], float OT[], float Gross[])
    // what you pass here?
    I don't know why you don't make struct definition global rather than local to main????
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    Two problems pop up right away:

    1) Your program calls functions with two parameters, but the function is declared to have just one parameter.

    That won't work - the call and the declaration of a function, should have the same number of parameters.

    2) If you want to change something in a variable (even an array), in a function you call, you have to either make the variable global (a bad idea usually), or you have to pass the address of the variable, to the function that's going to be making some change to it.

    Have you noticed that with scanf(), you have to include the & "address of" operator, so it can change the variable, but with printf(), you don't need the address of a variable to print it?
    Same with your functions. If you DON'T want to change the value of a parameter, then you don't need the address of that variable - so a regular copy of it, is just fine.

    If you want to change the value of a variable in a different function, you need to pass the address of the variable you want to change. (Unless it's global variable, but that's a bad idea, generally).

    And that's the errors I see that your compiler is reporting.

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    Payroll program using Arrays and functions
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