Thread: Issue with DIRPORT.C/DIRPORT.H

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    Issue with DIRPORT.C/DIRPORT.H

    Hello all
    I have an old module that uses _dos_findfirst and _dos_findnext which I need to revive into the Windows 7 era.
    I downloaded DIRPORT.C and DIRPORT.H and used FIND_FIRST and FIND_NEXT instead. I also use the DOSFileData structure. My main issue is that the filename has to be defined as LPCWSTR (I use VS 2010.) I understand the reason and I also understand that DIPORT is meant for WIN23 and not for Windows 7 64 bits, but I do compile under Win32 project.

    Is there a way around this issue or should I prompt the authors to make a change in the package?

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    Sooner or later, you'll have to rewrite the historic kludge for your new environment.

    > My main issue is that the filename has to be defined as LPCWSTR
    Yeah, along with say
    - dates past Y2K
    - filenames not in 8.3 format
    - filenames with space and other formerly illegal chars
    - files larger than 2Gbytes (or whatever)
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