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    unix, windows

    Can anyone recommend me a good book for learning C. I have some basic knowledge on C but I shall be attending Uni soon and could do with a good tutorial and reference guide

    Preferably one not to expensive as I'm skint.

    Also, is there any significant syntax or header file differences between a Unix and Windows compiler?
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    Hmm.... I feel like I just answered this...

    Anyways, here's some stuff:

    is Learn C in 21 Days.

    Also might want to check out "The C Programming Language", by Kernighan and Ritchie. It's not that expensive, and it's written by the creators of the language. It's a great book.

    You also might want to try the "for Dummies" series - I've found them very useful.

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    Ok here's a good one,
    i'm half the way trough it.
    The good thing about this author is that he really takes his time explaining.
    Althoug i recommend that you read a litlle bit of it (even if in the bookstore)
    c'os it's it's written like a dialog between a newbie and the author. some people migth find that to be annoying.


    happy coding

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    K&R all the way. It is one of the greatest programming books ever written. Get it, read it, take notes, and then read it again.

    Seriously, it's the best. Stay away from "Dummie's" books. I find the 'Sams Teach Yourself in X days/hours' pretty nice, though. I have one of those for perl.

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