Thread: do - while loop ignores getchar()

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    do - while loop ignores getchar()

    my problem is pretty much summarized in the title, following code:

    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <stdlib.h>
    #include <time.h>
    int main ()
      char a;
      int DP;int x=1;int gcount = 0;int rolls = 0;int success = 0;
      /* initialize random generator */
    	srand ( time(NULL) );
    	printf("Bitte Dicepool eingeben\n");
    		while ( x<=DP)
    		int random = (rand() % 6)+1;
    		printf ("Ergebniss: %d\n",random); 
    			if(random == 1)
    			else if(random == 6||random == 5)
    				if(random == 6){x--;}}
    	printf("\nErfolge:%d, 1en:%d",success,gcount);
    	printf("\n Nochmal (j/n)? \n"); /*asks if the user wants to go again*/
    	a = getchar();
    	}while( a == 'j');
      return 0;
    I'm trying to write a diceroller for shadowrun as a little exercise with C. Now i played around a bit, commenting out stuff and changing conditions, and it seems the program skips the "a=getchar();" line, it immediately stops after asking for another go. I use Geany as an IDE(compiler didn't show any errors) under Ubuntu 10, and when i tried executing the code in Terminal it did exactly the same thing it did when executed directly from Geany.
    I hope this isn't too stupid a question,I'm pretty noobish with C.
    Thanks for the time.

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    The scanf leaves the newline character in the input buffer/stream, this is then read by the getchar function. You'll need to take care of that leftover character.

    Your srand function should probably be outside the do/while loop, you shouldn't need to repeatedly reseed the random number generator (once is usually fine)... unless that's what you want to happen.
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    Thank you very much, I used a getchar(); directly after the scanf() to clear it and it is working now. Is this a feasible solution or should I use something else?

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    initialise your char to 'j' before you start and use a while loop instead maybe.
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