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    manage processes

    (Using C on ubuntu)

    In my program I need to fork a process and execute a .bin in the child process. Then I want to create a pipe that "connects" the stdout of the child to the stdout of the parent. I know basically how to do this using write() and read() in the pipes.
    The problem is that the parent should wait until the child sends a specific message (a string), or until a timeout occurs. In the first case both processes should run in "parallel" ( I don't know if its the correct term..), in the second case the child must abort and the parent go on. And I don't have a clue how to accomplish any of this things. Any suggestions ?

    I made a very basic skeleton, comments?

     int status;
        int fd[2]; /* pipe */
        if( pipe(fd) !=0 )
          perror("Failed to create pipe");
        pid_t pid=fork();
        if( pid<0)
          perror("Failed to fork");
        else if(pid == 0) /* child */
          perror("Child unabled to start sixad");
    sorry for the cross posting in the linux forum. I ask the moderators to eliminate the other post please.

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