Thread: Is 2D array enough?

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    Is 2D array enough?

    In C# or C++ it would be enough to use 2D array, but how about in C? The data I want to have in array is a directory listing like this

    File name                   Date               Size     Rank
    c:\folder\other.jpg         20100107-160340      400    2
    c:\directory\something.doc  20100107-230744    15000    1
    (which of first row is not actually part of the array, just a header line)

    The array has nothing but text in it (numbers are treated as text too), but does that mean I need first dimension for column (file name, rank, etc.), second for each file (other.jpg, something.doc) and a third one for each string I have there, so in this case should the array be just
    char data[2][4], or does it have to be
    char data[2][4][13]

    What's the smartest way to stuff this kind of info into an array?

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    Why not just create a new struct to hold that information:

    struct data{
      char  *file_name;
      char *date;
     char *size;
     char *rank;
    struct data my_data[100];
    Or, if you are not comfortable with pointers you can just allocate a fixed size for char arrays.
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    4. Don't cast the return value of malloc, even if you always always always make sure that stdlib.h is included.

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    Yeah, I think using struct might prove to be easier.

    When using C "not comfortable with pointers" is a pretty darn big flaw in my opinion ie. anyone using C should learn to use pointers in my opinion (that's what I'm trying to do right now).

    Thanks for the answer!

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