Thread: Passing ... as a param?

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    Passing ... as a param?

    I'm trying to abstract out this logging API I'm using. The prototype for the logging function is
    log(int level, char * fmt, ...)
    So I wanted to make my own function
    mylog(int level, char * fmt, ...)
    That calls theirs. Is there some way I can pass the ... arg from my function into the actual logging function?

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    You can't do that. At most, you can create a va_list out of the ellipsis and pass it to some function similar to `log' that takes a va_list in place of variable arguments. Or if your compiler supports variadic macros, then you can use one instead of a function call.
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    All the standard variadic functions eg.
    printf( const char *fmt, ... );
    also have an equivalent varargs function
    vprintf( const char *fmt, va_list ap );

    Writing myprintf() would use the va_start/va_end macros, and call the vprintf() function at some point.

    Unless you have a vlog(int level, va_list ap), you're pretty much stuck without resorting to extreme trickery.
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    Can't you use C99 variadic argument macro?

    #define mylog(a,...)      do { mylogfunc(a,__VA_ARGS__); \
                                           log(a,__VA_ARGS__);  } while(0)

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