Thread: Dealing with nonexistent file input

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    Dealing with nonexistent file input

    The command to activate the program would be: (C under linux)

    gcc program.c
    ./a.out infile outfile

    I'm trying to deal with the user inputting a nonexistent infile. I tried

    if (infile == Null){
      printf("file not found");
      return 0;
    A book recommended using the "error function" which would be instead of print and return, I'd write <Error("file not found")> this throws an error during compiling though. "undefined reference to error." Maybe one of those books that assumes you included a library available on the books website, or maybe a C under linux thing...

    So far I either get a bunch of unreadable stuff, or a segmentation error.

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    maybe try this:
    FILE *infile, *outfile;
    char infilename[1024], outfilename[1024];
    infile = fopen(infilename, "r");
    if (infile == NULL){

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    got it, just added exit(0). otherwise it would throw a segmentation error due to some other part of my code.

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