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    Smile scanf statement prob

    i came across this code in C++ the complete reference by herb schildt,
    specifically in the tic-tac toe example:
    void get_player_move(void)
    int x, y;
    printf("Enter X,Y coordinates for your move: ");
    scanf("%d%*c%d", &x, &y);
    x--; y--;
    if(matrix[x][y]!= ' '){
    printf("Invalid move, try again.\n");
    else matrix[x][y] = 'X';
    My problem is in the scanf statement. what is the purpose of *c?
    when i remove *c and execute the prog. vista shows the message tic-tac-toe.exe has stopped working.
    what am i doing wrong ?
    i am using vista and visual C++2008 Express.
    kindly spare your time to answer this, and sorry if this has been asked before but i couldn't find the solution.

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    Its used to skip data -> scanf - C++ Reference

    Use Code Tags
    Spidey out!

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