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    Unhappy Applications of priority queues

    Hi all,

    Please help me understanding the applications of priority queues as I am new to the subject od data structures....

    Thanks in advance


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    The CFQ scheduler in the linux kernel uses something like a priority queue (in fact: a RB tree, which I think could count as such a thing) to rank tasks on each processor. There are some complicating factors, but basically the idea is that when a process is switched out by the scheduler, it is added into the tree with a low priority (to the right), while the process furtherest left is run, and the other processes have their priorities re-evaluated (priority is measured as a time value). The reason this is not a simple linear queue is that the recalculation of the time value is not the same for everyone (hence, some processes with a higher prio "pass" others in the movement thru the tree with every clock tick).

    Anyway, in short I'd say time ordered operations would be one common application for a priority queue.
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    Another example usage is the dijkstra algorithm. Each step you need to select some state with the shortest distance traveled so far. Setting the distance as the key in a priority queue means you can do this fairly easily: insert each state in the priority queue, and simply pop the next item to get the next state to deal with.

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