Thread: quick question about getchar()

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    quick question about getchar()

    I am trying to exit a loop when the users presses 'q', Ctrl-C, or ESC. The 'q' and Ctrl-C work, but I am having some problems with ESC. There is probably something stupid I am missing, but I can't find it. Does anyone know why this is not working?

    Thnx for any help.

    menu_choice = getchar();

    while( (menu_choice != 'q') && (menu_choice != EOF) && (menu_choice != 27) )

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    Whether getchar can read ESC or not is system dependent.

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    In several compilers getchar and getc expect pressing enter after a character.

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    esc is

    && (menu_choice != '\x1b') in hex;
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