Thread: Error during compiling

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    Error during compiling

    I have following code in file php_mysqlnd.c
    #if defined(PHP_DEBUG)
    static PHP_RSHUTDOWN_FUNCTION(mysqlnd)
    	MYSQLND_DEBUG *dbg = MYSQLND_G(dbg);
    	if (dbg) {
    		MYSQLND_G(dbg) = NULL;
    	return SUCCESS;
    /* }}} */
    I am getting following error

    ext\mysqlnd\php_mysqlnd.c(256) : error C2106: '=' : left operand must be l-value

    on code line
    		MYSQLND_G(dbg) = NULL;
    Please anyone guide me

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    Is that line even supposed to be there? Perhaps you can remove it safely.
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    segmentation fault
    Quote Originally Posted by altaf View Post
    ext\mysqlnd\php_mysqlnd.c(256) : error C2106: '=' : left operand must be l-value
    What this means is that the left side must be something that can be assigned to. I think the only way that could work for this:
    would be if that were a macro like this:
    #define MYSQLND_G(a)
    So if dgb were a struct with a member "id" you could assign to it this way.

    The other clue here:
    	MYSQLND_DEBUG *dbg = MYSQLND_G(dbg);
    Makes it clear that what MYSQLND_G actually does is return an address, eg:
    #define MYSQLND_G(a) &a
    You cannot assign NULL to an address. This all could work if it returned a number equivalent to an address, but it's still beyond me why you'd want to then assign that NULL.

    Like laserlight says, I'd try leaving that line out. The variable names here imply this is for development/debugging -- it probably is not normally used.
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    Can't you grep where this look-like-macro is defined?

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    MK27: You seem to disagree with yourself. It DOES make sense for MYSQLND_G to return a pointer AND be an l-value. You gave the example yourself:
    #define MYSQLND_G(a)
    Where is a pointer.

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