Thread: shifting? division?

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    shifting? division?

    I was hoping someone could maybe write an example to better explain to me this idea. i know its true but I'm having a hard time understanding it,
    so its possible to shift a value and by shifting the value its basically like dividing it by a power of 2?? i think or something like that can someone explain by giving an example on how that really works in a C program.

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    consider the following in binary.

    0001 = 1 decimal

    0010 = 2 decimal

    0100 = 4 decimal

    1000 = 8 decimal

    10000 = 16 decimal

    100000 = 32 decimal

    see how as the bit shifts to the left the number is multiplied by 2 each move. Division by 2 is just a shift to the right. Also you could read this
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    okay so if its

    00101110 and i shift it
    >> 3;
    wiil that divivde the binary by 8

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    Yep. It will divide the decimal number by 8.
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