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    hello guys, I have this code:

    #include <stdlib.h>
    #include <stdio.h>
    int *integer(int *a, int *p);
    int main(){
    	int k = 5;
    	int *p = &k;
    	int n = 10;
    	int m = 30;
    	p = (&m, &n);
    	printf("p is: %d, k is : %d \n", *p, k);
    int *integer(int *a, int *p){
    	if(*a  > *p ){
    		return a;
    	else {
    		return p;
    My question is: isn't that supposed to print out 30 ? (because 30 > 10) , but when I run it , it prints out 10.

    Thanks guys

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    Look at this line:
    p = (&m, &n);
    You forgot to call the function, i.e., to write:
    p = integer(&m, &n);
    As such, what happened is that &m was evaluated, then &n was evaluated, and the result of (&m, &n) was &n, hence *p is 10, since n is 10.
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    	p = (&m, &n);
    Is that supposed to be a function call? If it is, you forgot to name the function you are calling.

    EDIT: too slow

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    ya that is supposed to be a function call . wow, you guys are too fast in responding ..


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