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    Question read write to file problem

    this might be a stupid mistake but here it goes
    I made a simple program that is supposed to write "1234" to a .txt file then it reads it back to you (why would this be useful, it's not, it is just a test). Ok so it writes to the file but it doesn't read from the file it just reads:
    please help.
    here is the code
    #include <stdio.h>
    int main()
    	int num1[10];
        FILE *fp;
         fp = fopen("database.txt","w");
         if (fp == NULL)
         fp = fopen("database.txt","r");
         if (fp == NULL)
    int nullfile()
       printf("file cannot be found");
            return 0;

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    fp is already open, you don't close it before opening it again (you don't close it all btw). But, it's not necessary to do since you can open the file in both read and write mode by using "w+", or "a+" if you want to add to a file that already exists (look up a man page for fopen). But then you need to rewind the file pointer before reading.

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