Thread: Newbie issues programming C w/i Xcode

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    Newbie issues programming C w/i Xcode


    I'm completely new to programming. I heard great things about the book, "C by Example," and fortunately, my library has an ebook version of it. For the very first program the book instructs us to run, I copied and pasted the code directly from the ebook into Xcode, but it won't run! I'm totally new, so just trying to get a hang of things. Any ideas of what's going on?


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    The double single quotes (') at the beginning of the printf statement should be a single double quote (")

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    Why don't you just post the code ?

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    '' (two single quotes) is not the same thing as " (double quote).

    main returns an int.
    int main(void)

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    Thanks guys, the quote was the issue. I haven't gotten to the chapter where we learn to analyze the structure of C code, so I was totally oblivious to that being the issue. I just couldn't figure out why a direct copy and paste of the code wouldn't run!

    I'm glad to have found a forum with such a great community as I take on the huge endeavor of learning C (and later Objective-C)!

    BTW, for those interested, the code is below:

    /* Filename: C1FIRST.C
    Requests a name, prints the name 5 times, and rings a bell */

    #include <stdio.h>
    #define BELL '\a'

    int ctr=0; /* Integer variable to count through loop */
    char fname[20]; /* Define character array to hold name */

    printf("What is your first name? "); /* Prompt the user */
    scanf(" %s", fname); /* Get the name from the keyboard */
    while (ctr < 5) /* Loop to print the name */
    { /* exactly 5 times */
    printf("%s\n", fname);
    printf("%c", BELL); /* Ring the terminal's bell */
    return 0;

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