Thread: Minimum Spanning Tree

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    Minimum Spanning Tree

    Which algorithm is best suited to find the minimum spanning tree

    Kruskal algorithm or prim's algorithm?

    Which has the lowest time complexity?

    Please help.

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    It really depends on your input. I would say Prim's is better if you have a graph with a lot more edges than vertices. However, this depends on the data structure you are using in your implementation. You should read more online about the different options. A Fibonacci heap is usually what is required for an optimum Prim implementation.

    In any other cases I would go ahead and use Kruskal.
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    I prefer Kruskal algorithm. It's realization with disjoint set union is much easiar to write, and it almost as quickly as Prim's algorithm with Fibonnaci heap.

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    Use Kruskal's algorithm when you're only dealing with a low number of edges. Otherwise use Prim's algorithm.

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