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    C Programming basics


    what's the main difference between a char and a string in C / C++?

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    Quote Originally Posted by raghu_c
    what's the main difference between a char and a string in C / C++?
    The main difference is that a char is a char and a string is a (null terminated) string of chars.
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    There are a LOT of implementations of strings in c++. The best way to think of a character is a single point in memory that has a character in it, like 'A'.
    When strings are implemented in c (or sometimes c++) you have multiple points in memory where each point contains a character.

    Imagine a 1-d matrix/array of characters
    char *str1 = "abcde\0" = [a][b][c][d][e][\0]
    char str2[5] = [a][b][c][d][e][\0]
    char ch = 'a' = [a]

    C++ generally has managed strings that will allocate memory, free memory and give you more control over the string but the underlying concept is the same.

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