Thread: Where to install my gmp.h library?

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    Where to install my gmp.h library?

    I'm doing some upcoming programming involving some math, and I need the GNU MP library for it. Where do I install it? I think it should probably go into some include folder, but I have a bunch of include folders and am not sure which one to use. And as for installing, I navigate through terminal to gmp-5.0.1 in the correct "include" file and execute "./configure" "make" "make check" and "make install"? Thanks!

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    If you're on Linux, you should be able to install gmp through your package manager. On Debian, for example, I believe the package would be libgmp3-dev.

    If you're building from source and you trust the Makefile, then the step of "make install" (run as root) should copy the include files and libraries to the default locations. Alternatively, you could neglect to install the library onto your system and just link to it directly when you use it. For example, if you installed it in ~/libs/gmp, you should be able to add "-I ~/libs/gmp/include -L ~/libs/gmp/lib" or something along those lines to your gcc command line and it will find the libraries.

    If you're on Windows you might try something like this: GMP Install Instruction for Windows Platform

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