Thread: CGI scripts in c/c++ ?

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    CGI scripts in c/c++ ?

    Hello, I was wondering if it possible to write a CGI script in C/C++ ? Would it be something like this:

    #(path the perl)

    cout << "hello world!";

    That would'nt work though would it, if it is possible to write a CGI script in C/C++, please could someone show me a hello world! example, thanks.

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    Actually, if I'm not mistaken, you can write CGI scripts completely in C and quite a few of the ones out there are done this way. I'm not sure about the interface to get it to run on the net as I've never done one though.


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    Cool EXTRA!!!

    What Prelude just said, is correct, but he forgot to tell you one small, yet important part:

    You need to compile the c/c++ code first, with gcc (on Unix/Linux machine of course, because i never saw a site running on windows(with iis server) using cgi), and then rename the file's type (*.out) to *.cgi and voilla you just wrote a cgi script in c/c++.

    I only tried that with c, and never c++, but i guess it's the same!
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