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    Question GTK rotating pixmap

    Hello Guys, i got this project for school, and we're supposed to make a small drawing interface like paint with gtk, where we can draw lines, rectangles and elipses.

    My following queston is, is there a possibility to rotate the pixmap itself, because i have found functions to rotate the pixbuff, but i don't use a pixbuff

    Thanks in advance.

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    Why not use a pixbuf? It fits your purpose better for a paint interface. And you can rotate it.


    A gtk.gdk.Pixbuf object contains the data that describes an image using client side resources. By contrast a gtk.gdk.Pixmap uses server side resources to hold image data. Manipulating the image data in a gtk.gdk.Pixmap may involve round trip transfers between a client and a server in X11 while manipulating image data in a gtk.gdk.Pixbuf involves only client side operations. Therefore using gtk.gdk.Pixbuf objects may be more efficient than using gtk.gdk.Pixmap objects if a lot of image manipulation is necessary.

    In addition to the methods associated with a gtk.gdk.Pixbuf object there are a number of functions that can be used to create gtk.gdk.Pixbuf objects from file and inline data.
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    Thanks for the reply,

    but i have already made alot of my functions using pixmap, is there a way i could copy everything on my pixmap to my pixbuf and vica versa ?

    if so i could use standard functions available

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