Thread: syntax error at end of input

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    syntax error at end of input

    hi guys, i keep getting the 'syntax error at end of input', but I can't see anything wrong.

    	array_t midpoint[HEIGHT][WIDTH];
    	int s, t;
    		printf("%5lf ", midpoint[s][t].x);

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    My guess is a missing brace, semi-colon, quote (or anything else that needs to be balanced).
    Look at the previous function.
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    lol... I forgot to put the closing bracket on the previous it was including the next function in it.

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    syntax error at end of input
    Usually means it's an error at the end of the file. Is what you posted the end of the file? Check your brackets. Make sure you have semicolons after all the function and struct declarations. Open the file in a syntax-highlighting editor, check for opening quotation marks or block comments with no matching closing quotes or comments. Or post the whole file if it's not 6 million lines long.

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