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    Compilin C for Windows

    Hello, I'm new to C Programming just finished lesson 2.
    I'm trying to compile my test program that contains stuffs i learned from lesson 1 and 2, i compiled using Code Blocks using GCC compiler, if i start the program using code blocks it runs correctly but if i run the application from its folder it doesn't, it exits after i press enter without going to the next actions.

    Can someone tell me how to compile it to run for Windows Vista using code blocks?Thanks in advance!

    #include <stdio.h>
    int main()
     printf ("Welcome\n");
     int age;
     printf ("Please enter your age before you can continue:");
     scanf ("%d", &age);
     if (age<18) {
         printf ("You are too young, Please enter to exit.\n");
         return 0;
    printf ("You are %d yrs old, cool.\n", age);
    return 0;
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    When you run your program inside C::B, it doesn't run your program directly; it calls a batch file that runs your program and then waits for (more) input so that you can see the final result. If you double-clicked your program from the folder, it ran to completion and then stopped, which on the face of it seems like a reasonable thing to do. To run a console app, you need to pop open a DOS box and type the name of the program (once you get to the folder).

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    Thank you very much!

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    I also suggest you to use an normal editor, like Notepad++, and use MinGW, that is the GCC for Windows and do all in command-line, what will be like you will do on Linux.
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