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    double array in function

    Hello I would like some info of how to it.

    I have a double array which I read the data from a file in the main. What I want is to use the contents of this array in a function and return the result to main

     .... ........ 
    function(what to write?)  
     main()  { 
     double **array 
     allocate space
     scan file 
    have the data into the array
      something=function( )  
    function(what to write?)
    declare variables.....  
     for (i=0;i<=num_of_forces;i++)   
    for (j=0;j<=num_of_genes;j++) 	
    return a;   

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    Technically speaking, this
    >double **array
    is not a real two-dimensional array, it just behaves like that giving proper memory allocations. So,
    >function(what to write?)
    would look like
    double function(double **array, size_t num_of_forces, size_t num_of_genes)

    >for (i=0;i<=num_of_forces;i++)
    >for (j=0;j<=num_of_genes;j++)
    Furthermore, you want to use `<' in general array indexes processing, not `<='.
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