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    Question Read a string and invert it

    I'm trying to do an exercise about for, but it's not working...
    The exercise says: "Make a program that inverts a string: read the string with gets and save it inverted in another string. Use the for command to scan the string up to its end."

    I did this code:
    #include <stdio.h>
    int main()
        int i1,i2,t=0;
        char s1[50],s2[50];
        printf("Digite uma string: ");
        printf("\n\nA nova string e:\n%s",s2);
        return (0);
    ... but it doesn't work.

    Could anybody, please, check my code and correct it?
    Thanks a lot!

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    its possible that you are not accounting for placing the \0 in the new string?

    when you read a string with gets it automatically adds on a \0

    so if you type in FROG, it saves FROG\0 inside of s1.

    now when you reverse it into s2, you get \0GORF ..when you try to print this it finds the \0 AND STOP PRINTING.

    the \0 exists so that the array knows when to end.

    try starting at t-1 instead of t, and setting s2[t] to '\0'
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