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    Timestamp as filename

    Ok, one more probably stupid question but how would I get the current time and use that to create a new file with the timestamp as the name of the file?

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    There is a time() function declared in a header file <time.h>. Check your compiler manual for further instructions concerning its value. And please ask all of your questions in one thread named like "My beginner questions".
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    I was looking for the same a few weeks ago, wth help from the forume i made it.
    ctime (time.h) - C++ Reference

    did something like this:
    remember to include time.h
     time_t rawtime;
          struct tm * timeinfo;
          char buffer [80];
          time ( &rawtime );
          timeinfo = localtime ( &rawtime );
          strftime (buffer,80,"Sample-%b%d_kl_%H%M.txt",timeinfo);
          puts (buffer);
       FILE *fil1,*fil2;

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